60 West Advisors is committed to providing independent, objective financial solutions. Achieving long-term financial goals requires knowledge, patience, and attention to the economic environment. Setting the right financial course begins with an understanding of your objectives, resources, and ambitions.  We work closely with clients and their families to develop a strategic plan that reflects their individual goals. Whether your goal is providing lifestyle continuity for your family, contributing to your grandchildren’s education, or providing for the financial well-being of your surviving spouse, we work together to create a plan that reflects the unique needs of each family.

Integrated Solutions for Wealthy Families

Families with substantial wealth face a unique set of challenges. Delivering innovative solutions requires a forward thinking approach and personalized service.  We recognize the critical importance of delivering integrated solutions that address the challenges of sustaining wealth with a multigenerational perspective. 

For families who require a comprehensive approach to addressing the complexities of wealth, 60 West Advisors provides an integrated platform that combines professional investment management with accounting, tax planning, and trust administration, to help families with complex financial affairs, substantial business interests, and large family estates, manage, preserve and transfer wealth. Working in partnership with you and your personal tax advisors, we seek to uncover overlooked opportunities by identifying effective strategies and recommend innovative solutions that preserve a greater share of your wealth.  

Corporate Executives and Directors

Successful corporate executives and directors often need help addressing the challenges of maximizing corporate benefits. We advise corporate executives of leading companies on wealth maximization opportunities when faced with stock options, low basis concentrated employer stock, and deferred compensation decisions.